Monday, May 03, 2004

Blue flowers

Thirty Seven Weeks!

Actually, 37.5 weeks! How did that happen???? Maybe I have miscalculated somewhere and I really am not that far along yet? Shamefacedly admitting that the birthing supplies still haven't been ordered, yes, Heather, you are right, in the Netherlands I would have been in big trouble :-) :-) I know the baby will be born just fine without birthing supplies here anyway though, we still have some leftovers from other births. I keep wanting to get out the old box and figure out what I still need. But then life gets in the way, and it gets late at night, and Erik is hyper, and I just am too tired to deal with it. But some day soon, I will order them, really!

Still feeling great, although a bit more tired than usual. Especially when the weather suddenly turned HOT and I insisted on gardening anyway. Why did I have to put all those gardens in those nice, sunny locations????? But I did get lots done. Planted more peas. Dug up strawberries from old, overgrown bed, to plant in newly built, raised bed. Sowed melons. Transplanted more tomatoes, so I think my total number of tomato seedlings is over one hundred now... My friends better oblige me by taking some of my hands :-) Next time I might do the sowing by myself instead of having kids help me, there were just too many seeds in each little pot.

TulipOne of my newly planted plum trees has some flowers already. There are tons of daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, and other bulbs blooming, and my forsythia is starting. I planted some gladiolas. We got a few dahlia bulbs at the farmer's market, three of which have been planted already. I just love this time of the year!

Yesterday was the first farmer's market for the season. It was nice to see every one again, the winter always seems too long. There even were some veggies, but not many yet. But we did have fingerling potatoes, red leaf lettuce, and fiddlehead ferns with our dinner. This was the first time ever that I have eaten those fiddleheads. They reminded me a lot of rolled up green beans. I also got some pansies, which I planted today, with Kate's help. She watered them after planting.

After planting Erik's dahlia, he was very impatient for it to start growing. I think he has been to the planting spot at least five or six times since yesterday, checking whether you can see anything yet. And the raspberries aren't ripe yet either! LOL

Last week, I had a good friend stop at my house on her way to upstate New York. She brought five of her kids with her and we had a wonderful time. The kids started out in family clans, looking at each other, but not daring to actually interact. But after a while, the mingling started to happen, and in the end we had the usual boys vs girls fights, instead of the our family vs their family ones :-) She stayed the night, and we ended up chatting till 3am, drinking tea, and eating chocolate, after all the kids finally had gone to sleep. I could show of my garden to her, and I gave her some of my baby lilacs (oh, and tomato seedlings of course ;-) It will be nice to know that they will be growing in her garden, way up in the far north... :-)

Baby is still nice and active, and I get a lot of walking in. I have occasional braxton hicks contractions when I walk, but never at any other moments. I am starting to feel the strain of going up our very steep driveway though, especially after walking for an hour :-) That was nice about the Netherlands, everything is just flat, flat, flat. On the other hand, I do get a much better workout when I walk here, going uphill both ways :-)

My very first plum blossom!

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