Tuesday, May 04, 2004


I got at least half, maybe even more, at a local pharmacy tonight. I still need to find my baby scales though (some where in our basement). Now if Erik ever will go to sleep, I can order the rest of the stuff on line, he is sitting on my lap and being way too hyper right now. But hey, even if I don't get everything ordered tonight, at least I have made a start with getting things ready!

We went to the pet store to get a new aquarium filter and came home with a new pet... Jane couldn't resist the betta fish, so she is the proud owner of a dark blue betta now, bought with her own allowance. Cees really wanted a dog, but the fact that it would need walking a few times a day made him decide that he preferred a bird LOL. He will need to save up some money though, they are a bit more expensive than bettas are.

Just found out that bettas do jump out of their bowls, which I had never realized. We put a plate on top for now, but will have to come up with something better I guess. OK, Erik is asleep, so I better try to get some birthing supplies ordered :-)

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