Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Cat...


It's a long story, but let's just say you never know what you will come home with if you take Kate to the thrift store.


Looks like we might have gotten ourselves a new cat, although I have an appointment to have her checked for a micro chip.


She seems friendly enough, and would be a great addition to our household if we can't find her old owners. She has a collar, so that would point to a caring owner AND she knows how to use the litter box.


We have been trying to locate her owner for a few days now, but no luck so far.


She reminds me of Tiger, who disappeared almost two years ago, Sylvia keeps saying that maybe it is Tiger returning to us.

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House for Sale!

It took a while, but my house is finally officially for sale, or will be within a few weeks! Yesterday we signed a contract with the realtor. Today I started packing although I spent WAY more time driving in circles than I spent packing.


Still we packed three boxes AND donated three bags with clothing to the thrift store. I am excited and hope the selling process will be speedy and smoothly. I am looking forward to having the house look a lot less cluttered than usual. Heck, we even might find FLOORS in some of the kids rooms!
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Strawberry Pictures


We spent quite a lot of time picking strawberries and ended up with a whole flat full.


Of course I started picking with five kids helping me, but slowly one by one they disappeared till I was picking all by myself in the end ^^


It was worth it though.


The freezer has tons of organic strawberries for smoothies now.






Oh and we saw a few butterflies...

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Random Meadow Pictures


Yesterday's geocaching brought us to a meadow. So many beautiful flowers and insects. Oh, poison ivy too, but I am ignoring that for now.


I made some of those pictures using my friend's camera, my friend cropped and edited them.


Amazing how many critters live on simple grass.


And how many different flowers there were so close together.




Black eyed Susan.

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Strawberry Festival


One of our local organic farms has a strawberry festival each year. It finally stopped raining so we took that opportunity to get out of the house and to the farm.


Wagon rides always are fun.



And smoothies made by a bike powered blender!





More picture later, have to drive in circles for a bit. We had an awesome super time!


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Friday, June 24, 2011

Erik Graduated from Fourth Grade!


School is OUT for the summer and Erik graduated from his current school. They had a cute graduation event, including recorder group playing songs to entertain the parents.


He has been at this school for two years and it has been a very positive experience.


Most of the time, that is, as long as you ignore the homework.


Time to move on to the next school, where two of his sisters already paved his way.



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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice!


I love summer!


We went to a local summer solstice celebration and had tons of fun.


We met a purple dragon, saw morris dancing, did square dancing, listened to music, stories and drumming and watched a fire spinner.





Six months till the winter solstice!

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