Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival (Sans Balloon Pics...)

Hot Air Balloon Festival Take II. After Friday's night thunder storms and our going for a hike instead, we had high hopes for this night.


Well... We arrived at a good viewing spot, but no balloons.


We explored the golf course, but no balloons.


We saw a bunch of geese, including cute little ones, but no balloons.


I realized that I should have brought my binoculars so that I could have figured out what ducks were swimming in the pond, but still no balloons.


We found many goose feathers, and collected them all, but no balloons.


Kate kept taking pictures (all the pictures are made by her), but no balloons.


My normal camera is not usable because my battery charger is misplaced somewhere in my black hole house, so I couldn't use that to make pics. These are pictures of an old point and shoot not very high quality camera, but better than nothing.


We had a grand old time, although we figured we were out of luck on the balloons and we should make it home soon.


Guess what?


Finally the balloons showed up! Many of them, very impressive. And guess what? The camera was out of batteries... Or the card had problems. Or both...


We got exactly ONE balloon picture. Even if we saw so many balloons. One of them close enough that we could wave at the people in there and they waved back! How exciting! I saw many amazing picture opportunities, but I guess they'll have to wait till another balloon festival. At least we did get to see the balloons!
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