Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting the Garden Ready.

It took some time to get our plot in the community garden and by the time we got it, there might have been one or two clumps of crabgrass. Or a few more. I spent some hours turning over the soil and trying to get as many of the weeds as possible out.



Two of the kids helped a lot, one of them spent time dancing around...




But in the end, the plot was ready to plant.



Erik planted pumpkins. This is a good time to tell the story of how we ended up with two plots in the garden.

I decided on a garden spot sometime this spring and was mentally planning all the vegetables I could be growing. I excitedly shared it with the kids, and Erik said 'Oh! Can I grow a pumpkin?!' Naturally I wasn't going to say no to enthusiasm like that, but experience has thought me that pumpkin plants tend to grow ginormous. In my minds eye, I saw Erik's giant killer pumpkin crowding all my cute vegetables, maybe even the zucchinis!


Luckily I found out that there were still other plots available and I managed to get an outside spot for the kids garden so they can grow pumpkins and as many flowers as they want without killing my poor perfect tomatoes. Here is to a great gardening summer!


Turning over the soil was good exercise, I woke up with nicely sore muscles the next day.
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