Friday, June 17, 2011

Balloon Festival Sans Balloons


Once a year there is a balloon festival in a nearby town and we like to go and see the hot air balloons take off. This weekend was the big weekend.


Well... I said 'I don't think it's going to rain.'
Jane disagreed 'Sure it's going to rain!'
Me 'Not at all, it says only 50 % chance of rain, that means it's going to be sunny!'
Jane 'No, it will rain, and we will all freeze to death and the balloons won't take off and we'll die of hypothermia.'
Me 'Jane, what I love most about you is your optimism!'


Maybe there was a tiny bit of a downpour. And there might have been some thunder in the far distance. I was still hoping the balloons would go up but no such luck. We saw one balloon sadly laying on its side but that was all the balloons we got to see.


Luckily we are flexible thinkers, so we decided to go on a hike to the bottom of a local gorge.


Erik convinced us that the hike should be proceeded by ice cream to celebrate the balloon festival, even if there weren't any balloons. I was still hoping we would see some float over during our hike.


After ice cream we hiked down and had an awesome time on the rocks with all the little pools.


We saw tadpoles and found the remainders of crabs and crawdads. We even got to take crab leg skeletons home, all colors and sizes.


No, we never saw ANY hot air balloons fly over, but for some reason nobody seemed to care.


Such a lovely way to spend a Friday night!



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