Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Last Tomato...


Did I mention I am not ready for fall?


for winter!
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Getting Ready for FAME!


Our high school will perform "Fame" the musical in December.


My girls have been having fun trying to find the perfect clothes to wear!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Number of The Beast

We had been distracted by too many shiny things, and we hadn't been geocaching at all. We missed it, and today we decided that excuses no longer were valid and we should just DO it!


This cache brought our geocaching number up to 666 caches found. And guess what showed up on our path?


A real life snake to lead us into temptation!

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Harvest Time!

This year our fruit trees have done exceedingly well. We had tons and tons of plums, and they were sweet and juicy and perfect!


In addition, the pear and apple trees produced much fruit and we had fun harvesting those this week.


Happy happy times!

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The Cutest Sushi Rabbit

Sylvia, a bunch of my friends and I spent a Sunday in Burlington VT, to attend a go tournament. We had a wonderful day. I played go and lost every single one of my games (oops :D Sylvia went to a library book sale and got herself a bag full of books, lucky girl!

We went to a cupcake store (yum!) and a fair trade retailer. I found myself some nice ear rings, while Sylvia got a really cute kitty pencil.


Of course, after all that we were hungry. So we found a Japanese restaurant and had some sushi. Sylvia's sushi came with this really cute bunny rabbit made out of a cherry tomato.

Nothing can beat hanging out with good friends and my daughter!
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

She's Always Wanted To Be... A Weather Vane!

My crazy chicken on the roof...


She did eventually get off, but first gave me the opportunity to make a bunch of pictures.


The other chickens haven't followed her yet, she sure is the craziest of the bunch!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Morning Visitors

When Sylvia was getting ready for school, she thought she saw a dog in our backyard. But then it got up and it wasn't a dog! To her utter delight, she realized it was a deer!


It didn't take long to realize there were four of them, although I only got two in the picture. They stayed for about five to ten minutes and then went off to do their deer business.


What a great way to start the day!
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Longest Candy Counter in The Universe!

One of our summer vacation outings brought us to the longest candy counter in the world, no, in the whole universe!


It is hard to describe the overwhelming happiness which my kids experienced when entering it.

They all found many of their favorite candies and even I, who stated "I am not going to buy any candy for myself.", found that I couldn't resist their licorice offerings.

The town is a very friendly New England town, including outdoor pianos.



Afterwards we went to another fun store with hippie-ish clothes and paraphernalia. Got ourselves some new incense and Dawn found a really nice dress.



Notice how there isn't the standard flower pots, but instead there is a small organic garden for sidewalk/store decoration.


This was an interesting and novel way to spend a vacation day ^^
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

My Baby!

Her first day of school (fourth grade!)


A few days before school started she had this conversation with her sister:
Dawn: "Sylvia, are you excited or school to start?"
Sylvia: "There are a few things I'm excited about..."
Me: "Like what?"
Sylvia: "Seeing our bus driver."


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Sunday, September 01, 2013


Last night Qate fell asleep with the cat right next to her. You know, the cozy feeling of petting a cat and reaching nirvana by the happy purring and the soft fur.


So this morning when she woke up, she felt something next to her, and knew it was that cat. Only when she petted it, it felt somewhat different and it didn't make much noise either.

Unbeknownst to Qate. Dawn had been cleaning up her room and found jeans that didn't fit her anymore. So Dawn had snuck into Qate's room and left a few pairs of jeans on top of Qate. When Qate didn't stir, she went out and grabbed a camera. This didn't wake up Qate either.

When Qate finally woke up more, she slowly started realizing that the cat had morphed into a stack of jeans! Quite confusing!
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Last Days of Summer Vacation

Only one more day left, how sad!
The children liked to sleep outside during the warm summer nights.


They saw many falling stars and enjoyed the sounds of the outdoors. And in the morning it was easy to wake them up with the help of a quick bucket of water.
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