Saturday, April 30, 2011

Museum of Science


Sharing more Boston pictures.


Sylvia learned how to spin faster or slower by extending (or not) one's leg.


We met a screech owl up close.




There were many other animals to enjoy.






I am so glad we went here during April vacation, it was awesome!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Spring has heralded the return of hiking outings. Yes, I know one can hike in the winter too, but somehow there is something so pleasurable in hiking after a long long winter with way too much snow.


We went to our local beaver pond, or maybe I should call it ex beaver pond. When we moved here, there were beavers living in it and once in a while you could see them. The beavers have long left though and for a few years we had a musk rats family taking up residence in the old beaver territory. I am not sure whether they still are there or not.


We did some caching while we were at it, introducing some friends to the whole concept of geocaching. It is wonderful to be out and about again!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crocuses and Fairy House


Even although we still has snow yesterday, the crocuses give me hope that some day it will stop snowing. Yes, I am an optimist.


On the nice days the kids have been making fairy houses, which I am sure is being appreciated by the local fairies. It must have been a long winter for them without appropriate housing.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sylvia and the Sea


The second day we spent at the New England Aquarium.


Tons to see, lots to do, many animals to enjoy.



Sylvia sat down next to a sleeping shark! How cool is that? She felt very lucky.



Pictures for this post were chosen by Sylvia.

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Boston and Butterflies


It is April break and we decided to go on vacation to Boston. The nice thing about Boston is that it is within reasonable driving distance of our home, so we don't have to bother getting expensive airline tickets or do a lot of planning.


Our first stop was at the Museum of Science.


Their butterfly garden is amazing. Butterflies in all sizes, colours and shapes.


One butterfly loved Erik and spent a relatively long time on his arm.


Erik thought it was cool and he liked this butterfly. He thinks it is a tiger butterfly.


After a while his arm got tired though.


So he was not unhappy when the butterfly finally decided to take flight again (look at the upper left corner)


Pictures for this post were chosen by Erik.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Flowers


It is in a flower pot, so it must be a flower, right?????






This cat cracks me up!

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Spring is mostly here, although we still had an unexpected snow day one or two weeks ago. I am eagerly waiting for the weather to warm up.


We finally made it to our local playground for the first time this year and had an awesome time.

My biggest priority this spring is selling this darned house. Back to cleaning now, but wanted to test whether picasa's picture posting has been fixed yet (it was broken for at least a week).
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