Saturday, February 28, 2009


Someone has been enjoying all the snow we have been getting.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yoga and Perfection

One of our homeschool moms is a yoga teacher, and has been offering yoga sessions before our weekly homeschool meetings. I saw the announcements, and wanted to go, but never got ourselves organized enough to actually MAKE it. The story of my life ^^ Well, that is up till today.

Today, I had some other stuff going on, and knew that the grounding and calmness I could get from yoga would be extremely useful. Today, I finally stopped making excuses and got the kids to wake up in time. Today, I told myself that it is stupid not to use a wonderful resource like this. Unlike the other weeks when it wasn't stupid yet.


My vision of yoga is beautiful monasteries at mountain tops. Quiet and calmness flooding me from a tranquil environment. People chanting and promoting world peace. All my life's problems solved by daily practice.

Today's reality of yoga was five little ones jumping and running all around us. Sylvia joined all the poses of the yoga session, the other four dashed in and out. There was running, there was laughter, there was interruptions, there was life all around us. The most popular yoga poses were jumping like a frog and walking up the wall. There was chaos and lots of energy and not much quietness.

But, surprisingly, I found my calmness in between all this kids energy and I felt refreshed and good about the world after the yoga session. Even if there was no perfection or quietness during the session.

It is interesting how yoga perfection looks totally different in my mind's image than today's reality, but it turns out that even imperfection can be perfect. We will make it to yoga every week from now on!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot Breakfast on Cold Mornings

Happiness is in discovering one's rice cooker has a setting for congee! Happiness is in getting green eggs. Even more happiness is in combining these into a superb congee.


Which I ate for lunch instead of breakfast, but who is counting?


My kids thought it was ridiculous to eat 'rice with too much water'. Little do they know. But hey, it meant there was more for me. Life is good!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last week, I visited a good friend who is in hospice. I wish things were different. It was good to spend time with him and be there to express our love for him. They have bird feeders in front of every window in the hospice house, which was a lovely way to see constant 'wild life' from his window.


Many things in my life to be thankful for. I have been feeling surprisingly good and very able. I juggle. Even if I drop balls, I smile and pick them up, or just leave them for a while. And if they break, I pretend I didn't like that colour ball anyway, and life is good again.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I love having many kids over for the night.


On Sundays, I usually end up making chocolate chip pancakes. Because anything is better with chocolate.


Next time I might make crumpets, although they could be less popular.


Hmmmm, crumpets with chocolate chips??? One wonders...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Getting our cats was the best decision ever.


There is so much positive energy radiating from them, even when they are sleeping.
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeling contemplative

Today is Valentine's Day. Not an official holiday, but a great excuse to eat candy and cake. Yes, I know, I use anything as an excuse to eat chocolate. No, I don't care whether it's a good excuse or not, as long as there is chocolate involved.


Anyway, a friend gave me tulips, which made me happy. Such a simple gesture, but I loved it.

A lot has happened since last year Valentine's day. My life is both calmer and more complicated now, but I am loving every single moment of it. I feel blessed with wonderful children and lots of love from supportive and caring friends. With a playful pup, and three great cats. With my favorite beaver pond only a ten minutes walk from my house.

The beaver pond where I go when I want to think, when I need solitude, when I want to look inside myself. The beavers are long gone, but a pair of musk rats used to live there last summer. I have no idea whether they still use it as their habitat, I am looking forward to finding out in the spring. Although they might be less likely to come out if I have Giant with me.

The beaver pond where I found out about Sylvia. Where I happily would have given birth to Sylvia, but somehow that didn't quite work out. Having her under a maple tree was fine too anyway.

Life is good!
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About six years ago. Yes, I am looking through old pictures.


Did I mention he is going to be an adult this year! Yikes! When did that happen????

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About six years ago.

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Fairy Houses

I would almost like to go back there and see whether those fairy houses survived the winter.


Looks like it would be a great place for fairies to hang out, right?


I don't know when my children started building fairy houses. It might have been when Cees and Tim went to preschool, a long long time ago. Once they learned about it, it trickled down to younger siblings. It is a favorite activity when we go hiking. I remember hiking some of the Appalachian trail and finding fairy houses, realizing that other people must enjoy making them too. That was a fun discovery. Any other families into creating fairy houses?


Only 34 days till the equinox! Not that I am counting, of course...

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Happiness in Small Things

Not only did I BUY a bulletin board. But I hung it too.


Even if it required digging up my drill. And my screw drivers.


Luckily I had good help!


I love it when I get small things done, even if I am feeling overwhelmed in the big picture.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pretending There is No Snow

Enjoying old geocaching pictures, and starting chocolate chip pancakes. One of the sleepover kids made cupcakes this morning.

Yesterday, a friend brought over some CHOCOLATE! I will love him forever! Yes, I am easy like that.


I love my life!

Well, that is, if I ignore the snow ^^
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So Close and Yet So Far Away

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Slumber Party and Puking Puppy

Erik's birthday party. Many friends, lots of fun.


He decorated his own cake.


The slumber party total is only thirteen kids, since two of his guests decided to sleep at their own house.


Giant added to the fun by pooping and puking in his crate. Strangely enough, the puke was full of popcorn. Hmmmm... The girls had fun giving him a bath at 1am while I cleaned out the crate. The joys of sick puppies. He seemed in good spirits, so I hope it was a one time event for the night.


Anyway, Erik is having a great party, and everyone will sleep in LATE tomorrow for sure.
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

No Groundhogs to be seen around here, does that mean winter will be over soon?


Or did our groundhogs move down South?

Who knows! Anyway, I am DONE with winter already, and have my van back, but it stalled once already yesterday, so we'll see.
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