Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pretending There is No Snow

Enjoying old geocaching pictures, and starting chocolate chip pancakes. One of the sleepover kids made cupcakes this morning.

Yesterday, a friend brought over some CHOCOLATE! I will love him forever! Yes, I am easy like that.


I love my life!

Well, that is, if I ignore the snow ^^
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Wendy said...

Ah, yes. Appreciating my midwest winter more and more each day. Our recent snowfall is gone and I see actual ground out there. It's so much easier handling winter knowing I won't be looking at snow for months on end.

Not that that helps, you any, of course :)

phredude said...

I love the snow! In fact, I'm disappointed when it starts to melt, but that's just me. I guess having grown up in California, snow is still a novelty to me, though shoveling it for days on end can bring me down.