Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Getting our cats was the best decision ever.


There is so much positive energy radiating from them, even when they are sleeping.
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Heather of Washington State said...

Unless you are a mouse... then maybe not so positive!

Meritt said...

I agree.

My husband wasn't crazy about me getting 2 kittens but he doesn't make the decisions around house! LOL.

In 2003 the kids and I visited a local farm advertising free kittens, picked out two kittens and brought them home.

They'll be 6 years old this July and we LOVE THEM. Much, much easier than dogs. LOL.

phredude said...
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phredude said...

Karen, let me try this again.

I grew up a dog person, and even at times harbored disdain for our feline friends. That changed over time, and now I love cats, especially since we have two kittens. I think it's different when they are your own, not unlike a parent's feelings towards children.

The funny thing is, my wife, an avowed cat person, had some reservations at first, all legit, but our kids so wanted to have cats, and our friend had several kittens. Once she saw them, however, there was no turning back, and now we can't imagine our home without them. Sometimes pets can turn a house into a home.

Our two kittens (they're not yet a year old) can drive me crazy at times, but they are infinitely entertaining and bring a lot of joy into our home.

The final piece of irony in all this is that I, the dog person, am solely responsible for cleaning the litter box, but what's a little poop amongst family?

Then again, our daughter brought up the valid point that cat food, her responsibility, is not a walk in the park, either.