Monday, February 17, 2014

Jack Jumping

When we visited Billings Farm in Vermont

There was an activity called Jack Jumping. It is basically a seat on a ski. You go down the slope.

The best way to stop is to fall off at the bottom... At least that's the impression I got ^^

Showing off how much snow had accumulated on their parking lot. How many weeks will this take to melt????

After Billings Farm we went to a local golf course, where the kids did some more conventional sledding.

Did I mention we are getting more snow tomorrow????

And did I mention how much I hate snow?????

Sleigh Ride

Since we are stuck with all this snow we decided we might as well go on a sleigh ride.

It was pleasant but coooooold.

Last time we were pulled by Tom and Jerry. This time we had the girls.

Of course we had to say hi to the other horses too.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Too Much Snow

Well, we got "lucky" and ended up with about two feet of snow. Raven sure is NOT amused by it!
And of course it has to happen when my boy friend is off to Portugal and I am stuck here with tons of snow. On Valentine's Day. Yeah, feeling just a tad sorry for myself ^^ I'll get over it.

The kids came home early from school yesterday and it has been snowing ever since. Today is a snow day.

It is STILL snowing!

See how the snow is all the way up to the mailbox? I hope our plowguy will show up some time soon, or is he stuck somewhere? He came twice already yesterday and during the night, but much snow has fallen since his last pass.

When I opened the door for Brady this morning, he saw that the snow was up higher than him. He stared at it for a moment, then decisively turned around and proclaimed "I am NOT going out there, thank you very much!"

Erik is lucky since he gets to shovel our walkway AND the neighbor's. He was thrilled when he found out!

The girls on the other hand took it easy. A real snow mattress!

We managed to get Brady out by throwing a stick for him. I mean, there might be snow, but a stick is soooooo desirable that that trumps the inconvenience of the snow.

Of course, he kept losing the stick in the snow, but at least he got some exercise!

Is it spring yet?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meanwhile In The House

Today's storm was perfect excuse for a fire.

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Before the Storm...

How many days till spring? I am sooooooooo totally done with this winter! Yet another storm on its way.
And it's not like we don't have any snow yet. The driveway is hard to deal with, even with a little bit of snow and this sure looks like it's going to be more than just a little bit of snow.
Last number I saw was 6 to 12 inches. The kids are in school still but will have early release, hoping they will make it home before the storm arrives in earnest.
I guess it's a good day to catch up on administrative stuff. Still, I am sooooooooooo not in favor of snow!

Ear piercings

Qate got her 4th and 5th piercing. Erik got his first two.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Too Cold

Did I mention that I am DONE with winter???
Subzero temps and another frigging snow storm on the way!

The driveway is still hard to handle from the last snow storm (a few days ago)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cape Cod Churches

Catching up on Cape Cod pictures. Yeah, I know I am slow, I blame picasa which STILL doesn't allow to blog from my account like it used to do.
One of the cool finds we discovered was this church in East-Falmouth with a church bell that has been cast by Paul Revere.
When we visited there actually was a service going on and they welcomed us into their church and we sang Christmas carols with them.
Another pretty church.
I would write more but I am too tired to make any sense. Just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Light House and Dreams

Catching up with more pictures of a Cape Cod light house.
Seeing this ship made me dream about traveling. We wondered whether it still is possible to book passage on commercial cargo ships. When I was a girl we used to go to my aunt in Great Britain once a year, taking a container ship from Scheveningen to Norfolk.
They took only a few passengers, maybe 20? I loved this trip. There is something incomparable and wonderful about being on the water. Definitely on our list of trips to take, things to do.
So I am ignoring the snow and the frigid temperatures and dreaming about ocean travel instead.