Thursday, December 31, 1998

Musical Beds

Tara moved out of our family bed a few months ago. She still insists on having me sleep with her though :-) Now that we moved to our new house, I have given her a queen size mattress on the floor of her room, so that there is enough room for me, and maybe later for her little sister. I nurse her there, then stay with her until she is asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep too and sleep there for the rest of the night. Otherwise, I will sneak out and go to our own bed, where my husband and Jane sleep.

If Tara wakes up at night (not every night, but still pretty regularly), I just walk over to her bed and spend the rest of the night in her bed. Jane sleeps through the night, so that's not an issue most of the time. Of course, there have been nights when she didn't and I kept changing beds all night. If they are both awake at the same time (very seldom), I sometimes take Tara to our own bed with me, but she is not too happy about that.

Not sure how this all is going to work when we add a newborn in March...

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Heart Beat!

After reading a post on a mailing list today about picking up heart beat with stethoscope, I tried it today with this baby and was able to locate the heartbeat really easily. I am 28+ weeks I think. This is just a cheap stethoscope from the pharmacy. But first time to hear the heart beat for her, so it's very cool.

I was able to pick up Tara's heart beat with a stethoscope at 26 weeks, can't remember when I could with Jane.

Saturday, December 26, 1998

Our Christmas

We had a nice and quiet Xmas this year. In between the moving boxes, but the Xmas tree and the computer were set up. Priorities! :-)

The kids were excited about their presents. The Rokenbok was a big hit, even the girls play with it. Other great successes were the Lego and for Cees a book about how mummies are made. He would walk into the room, read some details (like getting the brains out with a hook) and gleefully declare 'Gross, huh!?!' :-)

Hubby got a big box of insect lego and Tim couldn't wait until he would start to build it. So after the turkey was in the oven, he and the boys spent a few hours building Lego together. We had a turkey dinner and will have turkey for a lot more dinners :-) The kids didn't touch it, apart from Jane, but only a few bites. Oh well :-)

Friday, December 25, 1998

All I Want For Christmas

Cees lost a tooth today, on Christmas day! This means the tooth fairy will bring $2 instead of $1 since it is such a special occasion.

Little does she know, that Cees's accomplishment will be repeated by his brother Erik, nine years later, in 2007.

Monday, December 21, 1998

Bad Parenting Award

We did some pretty bad parenting this week! We had to unpack thousands of boxes (well maybe a few less :-) which we got out of storage last week and used the vcr extensively. The kids spent quite some time in front of the tv, although they also spent a lot of time playing with the toys they hadn't seen for 9 months. Still, I think there was too much tv and they went to bed much too late, but at least we got a lot of unpacking done (not everything though) I think Tara watched Winnie the Pooh at least six times or so....

We hope to move into our new house tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on when we will be able to move over our computer :-) The Christmas tree is all set up, that's one thing out of the way. We did sleep in the new house for a few nights already, so we could get a lot of unpacking done. I haven't found all the comforters yet, we are using sleeping bags instead.

Parenting should be flexible, right? Sometimes you do well, sometimes you have room for improvement.

How to Prepare for the Second Baby

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 09:10:32 EST, someone wrote:

I was up all night worrying about this crazy question. K is sure a sweetheart and I worry so much that a new baby is gonna really put a damper on all this. Will he be able to understand what's going on? Is there anyway I can prepare such a young baby for yet another baby who will be getting quite a bit of my attention? For those of you who had kids this close together, do you have any advice? I mean, what do you think I should do, if anything?

Your kids will be about the same age difference as my first two were. My oldest was very verbal, so I talked and talked and talked about the new baby, telling him about it, showing him pictures of when he was a baby, telling him that the new baby wouldn't be able to sit etc, just lie down. Also, I stressed that the new baby would be nursing too and couldn't eat anything else (Cees was still nursing)

We read books about babies and pointed out babies when we saw them somewhere and visited friends with new babies.

What I also did was try to get him used to waiting a few minutes before I answered his request. For example, if he wanted something to drink, I would say. 'OK, let me finish this letter (or whatever) and then I'll get you some'. I think this helped him to accept that he sometimes had to wait a few minutes before I could attend to him and that helped when I also had to take care of the new baby (no temper tantrums about wanting a drink, while I was in the middle of a poopy diaper of the new baby :-)

It will work out! The first year was crazy for us, with kids so close together, but after that it got easier.

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Placenta Brain

I definitely suffer from 'placenta brain' again this pregnancy! Here just a random example about trying to get a cup of tea this morning. I got up, made some breakfast for my 5yo (he was the only one who got up as early as I did), then put some water in the kettle to make tea. I put it on the stove, turned on the stove and went to the computer to check my email. Then I tried to log on to Bose in the Netherlands, because I was going to do some telecommuting work for them and I was successful (for the first time)! This exhilarated me so much, that I got sucked into the assignment they sent me on Monday and worked on it very concentratedly for quite a while. I was successful in solving half of their problem already and had a good feeling about it. Then I smelt something...

And yes, I had totally forgotten about the kettle with water, which has turned into a very hot kettle without water by now, which was glued to the stove.... So I turned off the stove, and decided to wait until it was cooled down before trying to solve the sticking problem.

I let it cool down and one or two hours later, it was cold and I could unstick it pretty easily and the damage wasn't as big as I expected. I decided that I still wanted tea and put on some new water. Then I went to make a phone call and of course you can guess what happened... I forgot about the water again... Stupid! But luckily this time it hadn't been cooking for quite so long and there was still some water in the kettle, so I just added some more to cook, so that I could finally make my tea.

The tea was steeping and I forgot about it again... Then I walked past it, noticed it, took the teabag out and wanted to pour it, but got interrupted by one of the kids. Fast forward a few hours. I still hadn't had my tea and just realized that. I didn't want to make new, so I just put the cold tea in a cup and stuck it in the microwave (I know, I know, it's not really the way to do it, but I was pretty desperate by then :-) Of course now I forgot about the tea in the microwave, but by the time I remembered it was still hot enough to drink.

So that was the story of how I finally got my cup of tea.... Pretty good example of my placenta brain problems :-)

Wednesday, December 02, 1998

Triangles and Squares

Today, I found out that Jane can sort things by triangle and square shape. We had cheese-it's, both the normal square ones and the Nacho Chees triangle ones. I had a bowl with both kinds in them. Jane came over to sit on my lap, picked out all the square ones and fed them to me, than walked off with the triangular ones to sit down somewhere and eat them all...

So, I guess she does recognize the triangle and square shape, even if she doesn't name them yet :-)