Monday, December 21, 1998

Bad Parenting Award

We did some pretty bad parenting this week! We had to unpack thousands of boxes (well maybe a few less :-) which we got out of storage last week and used the vcr extensively. The kids spent quite some time in front of the tv, although they also spent a lot of time playing with the toys they hadn't seen for 9 months. Still, I think there was too much tv and they went to bed much too late, but at least we got a lot of unpacking done (not everything though) I think Tara watched Winnie the Pooh at least six times or so....

We hope to move into our new house tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on when we will be able to move over our computer :-) The Christmas tree is all set up, that's one thing out of the way. We did sleep in the new house for a few nights already, so we could get a lot of unpacking done. I haven't found all the comforters yet, we are using sleeping bags instead.

Parenting should be flexible, right? Sometimes you do well, sometimes you have room for improvement.

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