Thursday, December 31, 1998

Musical Beds

Tara moved out of our family bed a few months ago. She still insists on having me sleep with her though :-) Now that we moved to our new house, I have given her a queen size mattress on the floor of her room, so that there is enough room for me, and maybe later for her little sister. I nurse her there, then stay with her until she is asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep too and sleep there for the rest of the night. Otherwise, I will sneak out and go to our own bed, where my husband and Jane sleep.

If Tara wakes up at night (not every night, but still pretty regularly), I just walk over to her bed and spend the rest of the night in her bed. Jane sleeps through the night, so that's not an issue most of the time. Of course, there have been nights when she didn't and I kept changing beds all night. If they are both awake at the same time (very seldom), I sometimes take Tara to our own bed with me, but she is not too happy about that.

Not sure how this all is going to work when we add a newborn in March...

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