Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peek Preview of Our New Pond

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All the photos in this post are courtesy of Dawn.

Yes, I know, I have not been posting. Instead I have been having *gasp* a LIFE! Did I mention lately how much I love spring?

Rachel and her girls left on Monday, and on Tuesday the house felt soooooooo empty! I spent some time feeling sorry for myself about her departure and other stuff, but decided to get over it.


This week Giant was on vacation. He was spending some time at the trainer so that Dawn can do sleepovers at other people's houses, since it was school vacation. It also gives the trainer an opportunity to work with him and see what his weak and strong points are. I am sure he is having a great time playing with her dogs, and Dawn enjoyed having more time 'off', but we are very ready for him to come home tomorrow!

On Thursday I got to eat at my very favorite Korean restaurant, although I didn't quite use much Korean beyond 'thank you'. Hey, it's a start! We had good food anyway. I love that restaurant. I got bibimbap, and they made it vegetarian for me, even if the menu only stated meat choices.


This weekend, I had a swordsmanship workshop. Part of my aiki budoin studies is iaido, and this weekend we had a sensei over to teach us many katas. Friday afternoon, I told my friend about the workshop, and she looked at my pink 'Peace on Earth' t-shirt, and mentioned 'You are going to work with swords in that t-shirt? Awesome!'

I also still have pink painted nails, which was quite amusing to me, since I almost never paint my nails, and the swordmanship workshop felt like a funny time to do so.


During lunch we happened upon the 'Woodsmen's Weekend' at the green, and stared in disbelief at people chopping wood on which they were standing. It was a somewhat weird experience, but it was nice to sit in the sun (87 F, 30 C yesterday!) and drool over the cool looking dogs around the green.

Saturday night, I spent with friends, eating sublime King Arthur desserts and talking about microbes and ice cream. This motivated me to take a bunch of kids and other friends out today to visit the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory and have a factory tour. Yes, the tour does include free ice cream.


Our pond has many frog eggs, and we are looking forward to tons of tadpoles. Last summer Dawn and Jane dug a new pond, which we are getting ready to roll. We are just waiting 10 more days and fish can start living in it. I love ponds! I love spring! I love life!
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Monday, April 20, 2009

History Lesson II



Replica of the original cabin?


The granite obelisk.


All the stones used for this pathway are local Vermont stones. I love the different colours, and I love how Jane focused on the stones to give a different viewpoint.

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History Lesson

We visited the birth place of Joseph Smith.


He was the founder of the Mormon religion.


Good history lesson for the kids.


Jane made the flower pictures, did I mention how I love spring?

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Stupid Van!


Life is TONS more inconvenient if you have a 'normal size' rental car instead of a van. Just sayin'
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boney Bliss

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Natural Blonde

This happens when you invite Rachel over into your house. I soooooooooooo totally blame her!


I ended up with painted toe nails even. Luckily it didn't interfere too much with my geocaching.


Front view 'Found the cache!'


Back view 'Found the cache!'

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Friends and Good Food

Last night we had a nice stir fry and rice. At least it was nice for the kids who actually DO eat vegetables. And after dinner one of the kids threw up all over the kitchen floor, but I am not blaming the stir fry for that.


Thursday night, we had a pasta dinner, with an awesome tomato sauce, including tomatoes from our own garden. (Yes, last year's, from the freezer, since my current garden is not yet past the 'I should do something about this!' phase)


Socks keeps hoping that maybe someday he can catch this mouse, and till then, he will just sleep on top of the mouse cage.


We also had outdoors food, since going to the park can't be done without junk food for snacks.

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Girls Night In

Guess who's visiting? It is Rachel and Gaggle of Girls! Since we had all those girls (her three, and my four, an extra one, Rachel, and me) we decided to celebrate by having a Girls Night In.


Hair was being curled. (Do I count as a cool mom by getting my teens a curling iron?) Hair was being dyed.


Nails were being painted. Even one of the boys joined into that, although I am not going to tell which one.


And of course there was ice cream. How can one have a good girls night without ice cream? We graciously allowed the boys to have some ice cream too. We are nice like that.

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Deer and Happiness

Today, I visited a friend's house, and saw some of my favorite animals in the fields.


This kind of view is good for the soul. Did I mention how I love Vermont?


There were many signs of deer, I will spare you the pictures of the deer scat, but will share this foot print. Some day I will learn to read tracks beyond deer and moose tracks. When I grow up maybe.


Even although there is tons of stuff going on in my life, it is days like this which makes me aware how blessed and happy I am.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

Rachel 'Tomorrow we will go to the thrift store to find some clothes.'
LG 'Maybe we can get clothes at the dollar store.'
Rachel 'The dollar store doesn't really have clothes.'
Sylvia 'Oh? They only have money?'


Maybe I should explain some day to her what a dollar store is? ^^
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blast from the Past

I love the way Jane is leaning out of her swan boat.


Notice the huge cloth diapering butt. Did I mention how cute she used to be?


Four smiling very blonde, very Dutch kids. Wait, they are American. No, they are Dutch! Remind me to post about Kate's identity crisis soon.


Two boys, still Dutch, but that will change in a few years. Wait, they still are Dutch. And yes, they are flying in wooden shoes. Huge wooden shoes, because that is what all Dutch wear.

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Every Cloud Has a Pink Lining

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