Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geocaching I

This winter, I haven't been geocaching much, but now that the snow finally is melting, I am back into going out caching. It is so nice to be outside without having to wear many layers of clothing. It is so wonderful to be hiking through the woods again.


Some of the caches we found were in a park, a typical 'hidden in wall and easy to find' type of cache. Others were in the woods, and we kept trying to find a trail towards those, but eventually gave up and just started bushwacking already.


I find lots of grounding and calmness in the woods, helping me to maintain it in my daily life, which has been a bit too interesting lately. It recharges me and makes me a stronger person, and able to face whatever I need to face.


Part of our caching that day was based on Narnia. The cache names and images helped to add to the magical atmosphere in the woods, and I am happy that someone decided to hide this Narnia series of caches. There was some nice creativity involved. Hmmm, maybe I should actually LOG my finds of that day ^^. Yeah, I am behind a bit in my logging, but at least I am caching.


A lot of the rocks were covered with this type of growth, maybe lichen? If any one knows, please share, they fascinated me.
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