Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter V

Usually we colour code our Easter eggs, so that every child has his or her own colour to search for. This simplifies things by making it easier to hide age appropriately. Cees tends to be able to reach higher places than Sylvia does.


This year, we had only six differently colours though, and we had nine kids. What to do? I did what every manager does best. I delegated. 'Girls, you gals figure out how to make sure everyone knows which eggs are theirs.'


They solved it brilliantly by using a sharpie to put a number on the eggs. Every one had his own age on the eggs. By some weird coincidence all nine kids were different ages, so it worked out beautifully. Problem solved!


Most eggs were found , but there still are a few missing. Only six though. Not bad after hiding 144 eggs. I am sure they will show up some day.


Hope your Easter was as much fun as mine!
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Annelies said...

Wij doen ze gewoon allemaal in een schaal verzamelen en daarna verdelen.

Rebecca said...

We found two leftovers today,too. Plastic, thankfully.

Coffee Please! said...

Egg hunts at my grandmothers with all us grandchildren found us looking for the eggs with our name on them.

Egg hunts with all my own children and their cousins are 'color coded' with all the kids having a certain color to look for and we put their names on them as well for backup.

I love the color codes as it makes it easy for all ages to hunt without giving away the location as someone looks to see the name or number on the egg, finding it's not theirs... but being spied upon by others so they soon rush to check the location. :)

Mongoose said...

Wow, that's brilliant. 144 eggs... I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Epijunky said...

Nine kids.

144 eggs hidden.

I am in awe of you.