Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geocaching IV

To show that spring in New England does not always mean 'no snow'. Those pictures were taken March 27, about two weeks ago. This was on our way back home, when we decided we should find just a few more geocaches, since they were 'right on our way'.


Easy cache, it said. Even a child can find it, it said. Should not take any time at all... Almost a park and grab. We as experienced and smart geocachers knew that this was going to take us only a moment to claim the find.


We trudged through the snow. You know, the kind of snow where you take a step and suddenly your whole leg disppears into the whiteness. The kind of snow which makes you wonder how you are EVER going to find a cache under a rock with this much snow still around. But hey, we are GOOD at this, of course we should find it. I refused to accept a DNF (Did Not Find) on an easy cache like this.


Don't fall in the river, it said. We didn't, but there were some close calls, and after many hours of searching, we STILL hadn't found the darned cache. I decided that some days one should just accept one's limitations and pretend this never happened. So much for finding some easy caches on the way home.

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