Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter IV

Time to hunt for eggs. I mean, the plastic eggs which you fill with candy. You know, the ones you see EVERYWHERE the weeks before Easter. But every time you see them, there is this wonderful excuse why you don't have to pick them up just now yet.


Until it's the day before Easter. And you go to go club at Borders. And plan to pick up said plastic eggs at the Pricechopper right afterwards. Only, they were sold out. Maybe the Dollar Store would have some? Nope.


Can I admit that I went into the nearby Walmart to see whether they still had them? I mean, they have EVERYTHING, no? I was both relieved and disappointed when Walmart was out of eggs too.


I was starting to panic. Would I have to disappoint my children? Tell them that this year they would be deprived of the annual Easter egg hunting fun because their mom was not very organized? Would I have to put the candy in ziploc bags instead, write 'This is a plastic egg.' on the bag, and hide those instead? Could I tell the kids the calendar was wrong and Easter wasn't till next week? Not that that would give me plastic eggs, but hey, I would have another week to procrastinate!


Another store, another lack of plastic eggs.

But then, in the fifth store, I FINALLY found the darned eggs. I bought 144 right away, and life was good again. My children would not be deprived of their rightful Easter egg hunt!
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