Sunday, April 26, 2009


All the photos in this post are courtesy of Dawn.

Yes, I know, I have not been posting. Instead I have been having *gasp* a LIFE! Did I mention lately how much I love spring?

Rachel and her girls left on Monday, and on Tuesday the house felt soooooooo empty! I spent some time feeling sorry for myself about her departure and other stuff, but decided to get over it.


This week Giant was on vacation. He was spending some time at the trainer so that Dawn can do sleepovers at other people's houses, since it was school vacation. It also gives the trainer an opportunity to work with him and see what his weak and strong points are. I am sure he is having a great time playing with her dogs, and Dawn enjoyed having more time 'off', but we are very ready for him to come home tomorrow!

On Thursday I got to eat at my very favorite Korean restaurant, although I didn't quite use much Korean beyond 'thank you'. Hey, it's a start! We had good food anyway. I love that restaurant. I got bibimbap, and they made it vegetarian for me, even if the menu only stated meat choices.


This weekend, I had a swordsmanship workshop. Part of my aiki budoin studies is iaido, and this weekend we had a sensei over to teach us many katas. Friday afternoon, I told my friend about the workshop, and she looked at my pink 'Peace on Earth' t-shirt, and mentioned 'You are going to work with swords in that t-shirt? Awesome!'

I also still have pink painted nails, which was quite amusing to me, since I almost never paint my nails, and the swordmanship workshop felt like a funny time to do so.


During lunch we happened upon the 'Woodsmen's Weekend' at the green, and stared in disbelief at people chopping wood on which they were standing. It was a somewhat weird experience, but it was nice to sit in the sun (87 F, 30 C yesterday!) and drool over the cool looking dogs around the green.

Saturday night, I spent with friends, eating sublime King Arthur desserts and talking about microbes and ice cream. This motivated me to take a bunch of kids and other friends out today to visit the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory and have a factory tour. Yes, the tour does include free ice cream.


Our pond has many frog eggs, and we are looking forward to tons of tadpoles. Last summer Dawn and Jane dug a new pond, which we are getting ready to roll. We are just waiting 10 more days and fish can start living in it. I love ponds! I love spring! I love life!
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Katelyn said...

Ok, I think I missed something! Who's Dawn? Sorry if this is a dumb question...

NannyOgg said...

Hi katelyn.

Dawn is Tara's new name, she decided to change her name some time last year, and that's what we mostly use at the moment.

Just her nickname, I don't know why, but she felt strongly about it, and I didn't ^^