Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geocaching II

Even although most of our geocaching gets us out into the woods, some of it happens in an urban environment. Which leads to a totally different set of challenges, trying to deal with so called muggles, people who have no clue about geocaching. You know, those people you want to say to 'Excuse me sir, but you seem to be sitting RIGHT on top of the cache I am trying to find, would you mind moving, please?' But that isn't really socially acceptable I think.


So one moves about, pretending to make pictures (everyone makes pictures of random benches, no?) and hoping this person will move already! Pretending to check out the architecture, hoping to put one's fingers on that elusive cache. All this while trying to be inconspicuous. And trying to find the cache before one's parking meter runs out.


Anyway, we never found this darned cache, but had a nice chat with a muggle. Which didn't make it more likely for him to move, but at least it passed the time while we were waiting.


I got interesting pictures, even if I didn't get to log a find. Someday we'll be back when there are less muggles out and about. Maybe late at night? Searching around town using a flash light would look quite harmless for sure.

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