Saturday, February 25, 2012


As in we FINALLY got some snow! First they said Friday 3am, but nothing was there when I woke up. Then they said late morning, but apart from some flurries, still nothing was there at 3pm. We had fun running all kinds of errands and do extensive shopping at our local thrift stores while 'outrunning the snow storm' though.

Late afternoon it finally started snowing and I was happy to see my plow guy plowing the driveway in the middle of the night. It means that there finally was 'real' snow ^^

Luckily we have flowers inside the house to provide some color to counteract the ubiquitous whiteness outside.

Even although I liked not having snow, it also felt slightly weird and uncomfortable, so this time I was actually HAPPY with a snow storm, fancy that!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Ice Fun

After yesterday's skating fun, we couldn't resist going again today.

Especially since the temperature actually was above freezing this time!

I still love the ice castle. Glad we had ice even if we didn't have snow.

Ominous looking sky. I think we'll get a few flurries overnight.

At the end we had hot chocolate as a perfect end to the ice fun. Followed by boring grocery shopping, which wasn't as exciting but was very needed ^^

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Geocaching and House

With all the house selling stress going on, somehow I had not been out geocaching. It takes an amazing amount of energy to keep a house 'perfect' and showing ready at all times. Not to mention the stress of 'Will it sell? Will it not sell? When will it sell? Can't it just sell already???', you know productive questions like that.


But it is OVER! It did sell! Closing isn't till late April, but at least we don't have to perfect at all times anymore. And it gives me time to find a place to live, but this time I am the buyer instead of the seller, and that seems better in today's market.


To celebrate, we went out geocaching and actually found a cache and it was so nice to be out in the sun (apart from the freezing cold that is :p)


And yes, this is a giant cupcake made out of snow...
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Skating Fun!


This week the kids are off from school, so we finally have more time to do fun stuff. Today it was sooo sunny that we thought it would be fun to go skating. We hadn't really realized how COLD it was though, the wind chill was frigging freezing. They didn't skate for a long long time, but still had fun.


Kate on the ice.



Even although they were driving on the ice with a pickup truck, the ice wasn't totally perfect yet. Proven by this tractor that ended up in the water and just got pulled out when we arrived.


This hill the kids always go sledding, but we have almost no snow this winter. I am not complaining too hard, thie being the last year I have to live with the driveway from Hell, but it is still weird. I have never seen this hill so bare in February.



Ice castle with ice slide onto the ice. I guess we can still build things even when there is no snow.


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