Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Geocaching and House

With all the house selling stress going on, somehow I had not been out geocaching. It takes an amazing amount of energy to keep a house 'perfect' and showing ready at all times. Not to mention the stress of 'Will it sell? Will it not sell? When will it sell? Can't it just sell already???', you know productive questions like that.


But it is OVER! It did sell! Closing isn't till late April, but at least we don't have to perfect at all times anymore. And it gives me time to find a place to live, but this time I am the buyer instead of the seller, and that seems better in today's market.


To celebrate, we went out geocaching and actually found a cache and it was so nice to be out in the sun (apart from the freezing cold that is :p)


And yes, this is a giant cupcake made out of snow...
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Jody said...

Yeah!!!!! Congrats on the sale! Now on to the fun part of looking at new house for your family!