Saturday, February 25, 2012


As in we FINALLY got some snow! First they said Friday 3am, but nothing was there when I woke up. Then they said late morning, but apart from some flurries, still nothing was there at 3pm. We had fun running all kinds of errands and do extensive shopping at our local thrift stores while 'outrunning the snow storm' though.

Late afternoon it finally started snowing and I was happy to see my plow guy plowing the driveway in the middle of the night. It means that there finally was 'real' snow ^^

Luckily we have flowers inside the house to provide some color to counteract the ubiquitous whiteness outside.

Even although I liked not having snow, it also felt slightly weird and uncomfortable, so this time I was actually HAPPY with a snow storm, fancy that!
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Amy said...

Ooh, love the contrast of the beautiful orchids against the snowy background - wonderful photos, as always! :)