Sunday, December 30, 2012

River Fun


Still catching up on December pictures. This was an afternoon walk with dogs and children.


We are blessed to live close to the river.


With a park where the dog can freely run.


But even better: it has river access!


When I took Brady here for the first time, I had NO idea whether he would like the water and whether he could swim. Of course we all know that labradors usually love to swim, but we also know that not every individual follows its breed's characteristics for everything. No guarantee that we didnt have the world's only non-swimming labrador.


Well, the moment he saw the water, he jumped in and made it very clear that this was The Best Thing EVER Since Sliced Bread.


Not only did he go into the water, he also showed that indeed he could swim and he LOVES it.


This was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Deck the Halls


In the midst of all the December craziness, Dawn and Sylvia got our Christmas tree out and all the kids helped to decorate it.


The star on the top was a cooperative effort by Kate and Erik.

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Did I Mention the COLD?

Remember our visit to Burlington? When I was planning it, I envisioned long and refreshing walks alongside Lake Champlain. That is what one does in Burlington, right?


Only I hadn't counted on it being so COLD. Our warm fall had lured me into a false feeling of security "winter isn't going to be here for AGES" but a few steps outside quickly cured us of that notion.


It was cold and windy and our toes were freezing into icicles. Even the dog was happy to get into the car again, and he usually just wants to be OUT.


There was only one solution.


A nice HOT drink and a change of plans. Suddenly we didn't really want to walk anymore.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Before the Storm

We have had less snow than usual in December, but tomorrow we are finally getting a real snow storm. While waiting for that one sharing some of our earlier December snow pictures.


First we got a tiny bit of snow, but of course Sylvia still wanted to go out sledding. Yes, wearing a helmet.


The kids were really hoping for a snow day, but the only thing they did get was a two hours delay in the morning.


Kate and Jane still managed to miss the school bus, even when it arrived two hours later than usual :p


The next day we got a bit more snow so at least the sledding was more effective.


And they finally could make a snow man!


At the top of a BIG rock in our front yard.


One day of good snow, but the next day we had rain and it disappeared again!


Oh, you wonder why the snow man was at the top of the rock? Well, that was so that they could push him off... My kids clearly have read way too much Calvin and Hobbes!


Now kicking the kids to bed and then waiting for the storm to hit us.


The forecast says 12 to 18 inches of heavy snow tomorrow. I am glad I did my grocery shopping today! And the kids are annoyed that this will not get them a snow day because it is vacation already!

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Random Animal Pictures

Cat and kid.


Visitor dog.


No Tail squirrel.

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Random Chess Pictures


Erik loves playing chess. Even if he loses almost all of his games. (He is still learning) (Maybe some day he will play go instead)

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December Concerts and Performances

It is wonderful to have talented kids and I love watching them enjoy their musical, acting and dancing talents. This December was full of activity for all of them. This picture is Kate's band concert, she plays percussion.


If I had been in any way an organized person, I would share a very similar picture of Erik, playing percussion too, in his band concert. Kate also performed with a friend, playing a guitar duet. In addition Erik performed with his cello in a school concert.


Sylvia had her 'wax museum' at school, while Dawn was a disciple in Jesus Christ, Super Star with our community theater group. She also danced in a Swing Nut Cracker show with her dance school.


Last but not least, Jane was in Nine to Five, the musical with our high school theater group. Of course all those concerts and performances need a lot of rehearsals, so no wonder I spend so much time in the car!

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