Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cat and Mouse


Mars got a new cat toy. It is a lot less bloody than when she brings in her own prey...


Did I ever tell the story of the chipmunk in the wall? No, we didn't like it either and I still shudder thinking back on it.



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Back to School and Back On Line


Today was the first day back to school! I got them all up and out of the door and no one missed the school bus. Wow!


We had been without internet for a while, but managed to fix that, so hope to be able to post more now that I have some time during the day.


Irene didn't do any damage to our house, not even a lot of wind right here, but our town has flooding and we had another friend and her family over when she needed to evacuate. When you drive around in Vermont it is sad to see how much devastation was wrecked there.


We did lose our community garden plot. Last I heard about it someone was actually canoeing RIGHT on top of the garden! The sunflowers still are standing tall as far as I know. I haven't visited it yet.


Happy back to school day to everyone who is in school!


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beach Day


Yesterday I spent the day at the beach with three girls.


It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining. The water was warm (well, as warm as Atlantic Ocean water ever will get I guess), the gulls were flying around, I got to read my book and life was just perfect.


This was Sylvia's very first ever day swimming in the ocean, so that is quite a fun milestone.


She loved the waves and couldn't get enough of the water. Even when the waves often totally engulfed her or pushed her over, she couldn't care less.


Of course we came home with 5 lbs of sand all over our swim stuff and bags, but hey, who cares?


Today I have a small family. Kate and Dawn both are camping with friends, so I have only three kids left. Too bad we'll have to spend part of the day to get ready for a showing. Let's just hope those people buy the house and we can move on to our new home.


We got our first letter from school 'Courtesy reminder that school is starting soon'. Geez, like I didn't know, and didn't want to forget about that ^^


We'll just have to squeeze tons more summer activities into our last week of vacation.




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Friday, August 19, 2011

Enjoying the Summer


I love living in a small town with a farmer's market where 'everyone' hangs out. The kids always find one or more of their friends to have fun with. And there is cotton candy. What could be better than that?


We hiked the rail trail from the farmer's market, to have some idea of how far it would be to our new house. Well, maybe it isn't our new house yet, but it is the house at the top of our list at the moment.


We just need to sell this house first...


Dawn took all those pictures, it is wonderful to have a daughter interested in photography so that I just have to go through the pictures later and decide which ones are good for my blog.


Tomorrow the town pool closes. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo not ready for summer to end yet, but I guess it is one of those unavoidable things. I am totally committed to enjoying every last minute of summer though!



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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Perks of Working at a Farm

Once a week Dawn works at a local organic farm. It is a great job, and gives her some extra spending money.


Not to mention that she usually brings home some goodies!


Last week it was corn. Heavenly!
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Dish Washing Help


Our dishwasher has not been working perfectly for a while (unless you prewash the dishes till they are totally clean) so we usually just wash by hand. This time Sylvia helped me and had a good time, amazing how many bubbles you can make and chase while washing dishes!


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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Farmer's Market


Today was farmer's market in our town. We don't always make it, but today I actually did, even if I had only two children with me. Of course that meant that we got more unhealthy stuff than healthy stuff, but it will be winter soon enough, so why not eat some cotton candy while we can.


We saw friends, petted dogs, smelled the flowers and ate buckwheat crepes.


I bought some pakistani veggie roll for myself and got veggies samosas and coconut rice to take home.


Did I mention the maple zucchini bread? It was so good!

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Life is Good

We are having a great summer vacation, even if the house didn't sell yet. Today Kate went off to camp, ten days of hiking and canoeing.


The house is looking better and better, but no one has to want to buy it yet. But even if they don't, I get lots of decluttering done, so it's a win anyway.
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