Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School and Back On Line


Today was the first day back to school! I got them all up and out of the door and no one missed the school bus. Wow!


We had been without internet for a while, but managed to fix that, so hope to be able to post more now that I have some time during the day.


Irene didn't do any damage to our house, not even a lot of wind right here, but our town has flooding and we had another friend and her family over when she needed to evacuate. When you drive around in Vermont it is sad to see how much devastation was wrecked there.


We did lose our community garden plot. Last I heard about it someone was actually canoeing RIGHT on top of the garden! The sunflowers still are standing tall as far as I know. I haven't visited it yet.


Happy back to school day to everyone who is in school!


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