Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beach Day


Yesterday I spent the day at the beach with three girls.


It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining. The water was warm (well, as warm as Atlantic Ocean water ever will get I guess), the gulls were flying around, I got to read my book and life was just perfect.


This was Sylvia's very first ever day swimming in the ocean, so that is quite a fun milestone.


She loved the waves and couldn't get enough of the water. Even when the waves often totally engulfed her or pushed her over, she couldn't care less.


Of course we came home with 5 lbs of sand all over our swim stuff and bags, but hey, who cares?


Today I have a small family. Kate and Dawn both are camping with friends, so I have only three kids left. Too bad we'll have to spend part of the day to get ready for a showing. Let's just hope those people buy the house and we can move on to our new home.


We got our first letter from school 'Courtesy reminder that school is starting soon'. Geez, like I didn't know, and didn't want to forget about that ^^


We'll just have to squeeze tons more summer activities into our last week of vacation.




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