Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Concerts and Performances

It is wonderful to have talented kids and I love watching them enjoy their musical, acting and dancing talents. This December was full of activity for all of them. This picture is Kate's band concert, she plays percussion.


If I had been in any way an organized person, I would share a very similar picture of Erik, playing percussion too, in his band concert. Kate also performed with a friend, playing a guitar duet. In addition Erik performed with his cello in a school concert.


Sylvia had her 'wax museum' at school, while Dawn was a disciple in Jesus Christ, Super Star with our community theater group. She also danced in a Swing Nut Cracker show with her dance school.


Last but not least, Jane was in Nine to Five, the musical with our high school theater group. Of course all those concerts and performances need a lot of rehearsals, so no wonder I spend so much time in the car!

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