Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter I

How can it be so early in the year, and Easter already? I started the day by hard boiling eggs. And then hard boiling more eggs. Did I mention I hard boiled a few eggs?


I also started the day by losing the older girls, who were sleeping somewhere, but I had NO idea where in the house, and I managed to look in all the wrong places first before finding where they did. Do you know how embarrassing it is when a visitor's grandmother calls and asks to speak to her grand daughter and you go like 'Hum... not here. Not here either. Oh, I thought they would be here for sure. I swear they are somewhere, really!'


Anyway, I found the girls and evidence of ice cream parties, and all was well again.


Then I boiled more eggs and waited for more kids to wake up and start Easter preparations. Yes, thank you, we prepare for Easter on Easter morning, that is what all the cool kids too. Organizational skills are for losers!


Impatiently waiting till the eggs cooled down, and it was time to dye!
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