Thursday, December 10, 1998

Placenta Brain

I definitely suffer from 'placenta brain' again this pregnancy! Here just a random example about trying to get a cup of tea this morning. I got up, made some breakfast for my 5yo (he was the only one who got up as early as I did), then put some water in the kettle to make tea. I put it on the stove, turned on the stove and went to the computer to check my email. Then I tried to log on to Bose in the Netherlands, because I was going to do some telecommuting work for them and I was successful (for the first time)! This exhilarated me so much, that I got sucked into the assignment they sent me on Monday and worked on it very concentratedly for quite a while. I was successful in solving half of their problem already and had a good feeling about it. Then I smelt something...

And yes, I had totally forgotten about the kettle with water, which has turned into a very hot kettle without water by now, which was glued to the stove.... So I turned off the stove, and decided to wait until it was cooled down before trying to solve the sticking problem.

I let it cool down and one or two hours later, it was cold and I could unstick it pretty easily and the damage wasn't as big as I expected. I decided that I still wanted tea and put on some new water. Then I went to make a phone call and of course you can guess what happened... I forgot about the water again... Stupid! But luckily this time it hadn't been cooking for quite so long and there was still some water in the kettle, so I just added some more to cook, so that I could finally make my tea.

The tea was steeping and I forgot about it again... Then I walked past it, noticed it, took the teabag out and wanted to pour it, but got interrupted by one of the kids. Fast forward a few hours. I still hadn't had my tea and just realized that. I didn't want to make new, so I just put the cold tea in a cup and stuck it in the microwave (I know, I know, it's not really the way to do it, but I was pretty desperate by then :-) Of course now I forgot about the tea in the microwave, but by the time I remembered it was still hot enough to drink.

So that was the story of how I finally got my cup of tea.... Pretty good example of my placenta brain problems :-)

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