Saturday, December 26, 1998

Our Christmas

We had a nice and quiet Xmas this year. In between the moving boxes, but the Xmas tree and the computer were set up. Priorities! :-)

The kids were excited about their presents. The Rokenbok was a big hit, even the girls play with it. Other great successes were the Lego and for Cees a book about how mummies are made. He would walk into the room, read some details (like getting the brains out with a hook) and gleefully declare 'Gross, huh!?!' :-)

Hubby got a big box of insect lego and Tim couldn't wait until he would start to build it. So after the turkey was in the oven, he and the boys spent a few hours building Lego together. We had a turkey dinner and will have turkey for a lot more dinners :-) The kids didn't touch it, apart from Jane, but only a few bites. Oh well :-)

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