Friday, February 14, 2014

Too Much Snow

Well, we got "lucky" and ended up with about two feet of snow. Raven sure is NOT amused by it!
And of course it has to happen when my boy friend is off to Portugal and I am stuck here with tons of snow. On Valentine's Day. Yeah, feeling just a tad sorry for myself ^^ I'll get over it.

The kids came home early from school yesterday and it has been snowing ever since. Today is a snow day.

It is STILL snowing!

See how the snow is all the way up to the mailbox? I hope our plowguy will show up some time soon, or is he stuck somewhere? He came twice already yesterday and during the night, but much snow has fallen since his last pass.

When I opened the door for Brady this morning, he saw that the snow was up higher than him. He stared at it for a moment, then decisively turned around and proclaimed "I am NOT going out there, thank you very much!"

Erik is lucky since he gets to shovel our walkway AND the neighbor's. He was thrilled when he found out!

The girls on the other hand took it easy. A real snow mattress!

We managed to get Brady out by throwing a stick for him. I mean, there might be snow, but a stick is soooooo desirable that that trumps the inconvenience of the snow.

Of course, he kept losing the stick in the snow, but at least he got some exercise!

Is it spring yet?

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