Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeling contemplative

Today is Valentine's Day. Not an official holiday, but a great excuse to eat candy and cake. Yes, I know, I use anything as an excuse to eat chocolate. No, I don't care whether it's a good excuse or not, as long as there is chocolate involved.


Anyway, a friend gave me tulips, which made me happy. Such a simple gesture, but I loved it.

A lot has happened since last year Valentine's day. My life is both calmer and more complicated now, but I am loving every single moment of it. I feel blessed with wonderful children and lots of love from supportive and caring friends. With a playful pup, and three great cats. With my favorite beaver pond only a ten minutes walk from my house.

The beaver pond where I go when I want to think, when I need solitude, when I want to look inside myself. The beavers are long gone, but a pair of musk rats used to live there last summer. I have no idea whether they still use it as their habitat, I am looking forward to finding out in the spring. Although they might be less likely to come out if I have Giant with me.

The beaver pond where I found out about Sylvia. Where I happily would have given birth to Sylvia, but somehow that didn't quite work out. Having her under a maple tree was fine too anyway.

Life is good!
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Meritt said...

I forgot that V-day was a turning point for you. I'm glad you are in a calmer place. :)

phredude said...

Hi Karen, such lovely and poignant sentiment. I'm glad things are calmer in your life, and sometimes complicated isn't always a bad thing... sometimes. At the very least it makes things more interesting. And how can you not love the snow?