Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yoga and Perfection

One of our homeschool moms is a yoga teacher, and has been offering yoga sessions before our weekly homeschool meetings. I saw the announcements, and wanted to go, but never got ourselves organized enough to actually MAKE it. The story of my life ^^ Well, that is up till today.

Today, I had some other stuff going on, and knew that the grounding and calmness I could get from yoga would be extremely useful. Today, I finally stopped making excuses and got the kids to wake up in time. Today, I told myself that it is stupid not to use a wonderful resource like this. Unlike the other weeks when it wasn't stupid yet.


My vision of yoga is beautiful monasteries at mountain tops. Quiet and calmness flooding me from a tranquil environment. People chanting and promoting world peace. All my life's problems solved by daily practice.

Today's reality of yoga was five little ones jumping and running all around us. Sylvia joined all the poses of the yoga session, the other four dashed in and out. There was running, there was laughter, there was interruptions, there was life all around us. The most popular yoga poses were jumping like a frog and walking up the wall. There was chaos and lots of energy and not much quietness.

But, surprisingly, I found my calmness in between all this kids energy and I felt refreshed and good about the world after the yoga session. Even if there was no perfection or quietness during the session.

It is interesting how yoga perfection looks totally different in my mind's image than today's reality, but it turns out that even imperfection can be perfect. We will make it to yoga every week from now on!


phredude said...

Sounds good. We could all use a little bit of calming influence in our lives, most especially me. Glad you enjoyed it.

Jody said...

LOL! My friend Kathy (Hells Half Acre) does yoga and it is much as you describe for her as well.

I need some calm today. Feeling all antsy/paranoid/anxious today. AF must be on her way

Lisa said...

I love my yoga. Though the kids have taken to saying 'she's doing that breathing thing again' which is my response to avoid screaming at them. Mom's breathing, watch out. Oh, and Mel (5) loves to run around randomly and say "I'm a yogini" and whip into tree pose or down dog, LOL.