Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Life is Good!


Spent a wonderful Saturday geocaching. I told you guys all about it but then picase ate my post, so a quick summary. We met mosquitoes, erratics, salamanders, toads, mosquitoes, dogs, mosqitoes oh and black flies.


Not only was it a wonderful caching day (found seven geocaches) but in addition there was a fair amount of hiking involved, which fits in perfectly with my 'Get my butt back in shape!' plan.


We climbed hills, ridges, visited ponds, and an ancient family cemetery. Did I mention the mosquitoes though? They were just as happy as we were that they had NEW food in their territory!



It is days like these which give me strength for the days that I am just running around in circles and never getting anywhere.



I hope for a long summer with many of these outings.







One of the cache locations was an outdoors church, very tranquil. I sat on the bench and meditated for a while looking out over the valley and the other mountains in the distance. I am blessed to live in an area where we have such an abundance of beauty and quietness. I am double blessed for having friends and family to share the goodness.

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Rebecca said...

I am trying to geocache with my 3 kids, we just did some research today. I signed us up on the geocache network and we drove to two places listed. Since we didn't have a GPS we didn't find anything....any hints for a newbie? I know you've been doing it for a while.