Wednesday, June 29, 2011

House for Sale!

It took a while, but my house is finally officially for sale, or will be within a few weeks! Yesterday we signed a contract with the realtor. Today I started packing although I spent WAY more time driving in circles than I spent packing.


Still we packed three boxes AND donated three bags with clothing to the thrift store. I am excited and hope the selling process will be speedy and smoothly. I am looking forward to having the house look a lot less cluttered than usual. Heck, we even might find FLOORS in some of the kids rooms!
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lynn said...

after sorting, dumping, donating and getting rid of all we felt we could, we actually resorted to renting a storage unit while selling a few houses back. in retrospect I wish we'd gotten rid of more at the outset, since by th time we got moved and unpacked half of what we saved was less relevant than it seemed when we packed it.

good luck and best decluttering wishes to you!

Jeremyx said...

Get as many boxes for moving as you want for free from the liquor store. They are strong and not too big so you won't pack too much into them. They are always happy to get rid of them too!