Sunday, May 16, 2004


Two More Days!

Yikes! Glad that my babies always come late. I know that due dates don't really mean much, but it still suddenly feels really close. And it's not like the garden is ready yet either :-) Did some more digging today, I don't have a good place to put my sunflowers this year, so am working on a new bed for them. I might make it a bit bigger, but it's getting pretty close to the size I want it to be. And the best news is that I found only one big rock, all the others were normal or small. How unusual :-)

I did find a huge rock close to where I planted the baby's new irises though. I got hubby to help me dig it out, but after digging and not being able to move it at all, we looked at each other and decided to just put the soil back and pretend it isn't there LOL. I got my irises planted, close to our porch, so they will be very visible. I love the idea of having them to celebrate this baby's birth. What a perfect present!

The kids discovered a new frog in our pond! A pretty small one, so they called it 'Baby Frog'. This makes three frogs, we had Big Frog and Little Frog already. We are ready for the stork ;-) The mosquito larvae population has decreased to almost zero, so the fish must be doing their jobs pretty well. I guess now we'll have to hope more mosquitoes lay eggs in the pond :-) Otherwise I'll actually have to feed our fish!

Today was a nice, quiet day, we didn't have to go anywhere, so the kids did their things, and I gardened and gardened. Dh hung the 'rainbow' hammock (lots of colors) and the kids enjoyed swinging in it. I transplanted some broccoli seedlings, and Erik very carefully watered them, he looked so serious and concerned while doing it, mumbling that they needed water, it was very cute. After that, he went on to water the dandelions... We must have hundreds of them, if not more. Oh well, I am mostly ignoring them and using them for rabbit food. We have tons of violets too, which I do like and which the girls like to eat, they are fascinated by the fact that you can actually just eat those flowers.

I was going to sow zucchini, squash, and such today, but life keeps getting in the way. The kids wanted to walk the bunnies (yes, we do have bunny leashes, don't ask LOL) and that took us a while. Maybe I can get some stuff sown tomorrow, it would be nice to have those in the ground before this baby is here. After an hour's worth of walking tonight, I had exactly one Braxton Hicks contraction, so that wasn't very impressive, and makes me think that I still have some time before the baby will be born.

Our new baby's iris :-)

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