Friday, May 07, 2004


Great prenatal today, we basically confirmed that things are going well. My urine was clear, blood pressure was 120/70. My fundal height was 35cm, which is pretty normal for me at this time of pregnancy. We looked up my old records, and Kate and Erik both were 37 cm at the end, so I need to grow 2 more cm and then I can give birth :-) Although Tara and Jane were born when my fundus was only 34 cm...

I have gained only 2 lbs over the last two months, but quite a lot before that, so she wasn't worried about it. Baby has been growing fine anyway, and I have to admit that I don't mind not gaining much. My belly sure is getting bigger every day!

The baby's head is nicely engaged in my pelvis now, so that means that the risk of cord prolapse is a lot lower. Of course, it can go back to floating again, but somehow I don't expect that. The baby's back was turned to my left today, usually it's more towards my right side. The heartbeat rate was 128 bpm.

We talked a bit about the birth, told her I got all the supplies ordered. I mentioned that I am not ready for birth yet, but that at the same time I feel really good about the unattended birth I am planning, So I guess I would be fine if I would go into labor right now, but I really would prefer some extra time! Maybe I will even be able to find some clothes before the birth then ;-)

Our frogs are back!!! Not sure whether they hibernated in the pond, or whether they are new ones, but we have two of them now. Jane discovered them yesterday, she was very happy about them. And today, I saw the first hummingbird of the year! Guess I have to dig the hummingbird feeder out of the basement and fill it tomorrow. I always love watching them drink from the feeder.

Started to dig a new veggie bed today, since it looks like I will be running out of room in my exisiting ones with all the plans I have. I wonder how that keeps happening???? Figured I better dug it now, before baby is here. I found tons of rocks, even although I didn't dig the whole bed yet. Two of them were pretty big, the rest was just 'normal'. It's amazing how many rocks somebody has buried in our yard :-) Oh well, all that digging for rocks keeps me in top condition.
A few of my asparagus roots have started to grow, I found five spears today! The empty bed looked very discouraging, I am glad that something is popping up now. Of course, we can't eat any this year yet, but still, it's nice to see that they seem to be growing.

Lots of flowers in bloom now, daffodils, tulips, and some hyacinths. New flowers, and soon a new baby! Nice to have a spring baby. Looking forward to meeting this little one!

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