Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Well, at least, most of it. Just a few things left and of course, I'll have to wait till the shipment with my stuff actually arrives. But still, I got things bought and ordered! Now Rachel can stop worrying about my birth supplies ;-) That leaves only the diapers, the clothes, the garden and the house... LOL

Jane's betta is not doing well. I hope it will survive, somehow it's not as active as I had expected it to be. It's not eating much either. I hope it's just the adjustment to a new environment and not something more worrisome. I spent a lot of time surfing betta web sites yesterday. Not that it helped, but at least I learned a bunch of interesting facts about them.

Still stuck inside with the 10,000 seedlings. I hope the weather will turn nicer soon! I want to garden instead of doing inside stuff. Cees helped with some decluttering of the mudroom, it's not perfect yet, but we did clean up quite a lot. Maybe I am entering my nesting stage? Maybe not though. 38 Weeks feels so much farther along than 37 weeks did, yikes!

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