Thursday, May 13, 2004

Six More Days!

Till 40 weeks. And my birth supplies arrived yesterday! See, I could have ordered them even later and would have been just fine. Now dh is talking about buying a new fishy pool, so I guess he is also feeling the 'get ready' jitters. That was one thing, ok, the only thing, that I liked about going to the hospital. The fact that I could just use their birthing tubs instead of having to bother with setting up one ourselves. I like water birth, but somehow I couldn't figure out the logistics this time, don't really have a good space unless I do a lot more cleaning / decluttering.

Now of course, we have changed plans to home birth (yay!) but still hadn't figured out whether I wanted to bother with the tub or not. I was thinking I could labor in the normal bath tub and come out for birth, I keep visualizing that I am squatting somewhere and that I am pushing out a healthy little baby boy. But it would be weird to have a 'land birth' after four water births. I guess I am still not decided yet on what I want, maybe I'll wait till labor to decide. Having a fishy pool around wouldn't hurt, it sets up pretty fast. Something else to get before baby is here :-)

Today the mail brought me a surprise package with four kissaluvs cloth diapers. What a cute colors!!! I had never seen those 'in person', I have to say that they are really nice and soft. Made me sit down and dream about this baby yet again, visualizing him in those soft diapers :-)

I planted a lot of potatoes, the ones that were stored in the basement and didn't get eaten over the winter. They were our own harvest from last year, nice organic potatoes, all kinds of colors, purple, blue, red, and just white/yellow. I had enough left to plant two beds already and still have more, so now have to decide where to put those. Hmmm, time to dig yet another veggie bed?

Our crabapple tree is blooming, very beautiful, pink flowers. I just love this time of the year, perfect time to have a baby. Well, if only he wouldn't interfere with gardening season LOL.

Our pond was starting to get more and more mosquito larvae, so we went out and got four goldfish and ten mosquito fish for it. The kids were very excited. As were the frogs, but that was just because of all the kids running around the pond LOL. We got them into the pond and it looked like they enjoyed all the live food in there. Now let's hope that they survive, we had a hard time last year keeping all the fish alive in the pond. But we didn't try mosquito fish back then, just small gold fish. Hopefully they will do better this year! I hope the pond is more established now, which should help.

Today I had a LLL meeting, the second one that I was an official leader. It was fun, one of the moms showed up with her 2wo infant, so precious! The meeting went well, and on Saturday, they are going to throw a 'honoring this new baby' party for me!!! Very much looking forward to that!

beautiful tulip

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