Tuesday, May 04, 2004


... I am going to try to get my birth supplies ordered! It is cold and dreary outside, so a good excuse to do indoors stuff for a change. I finally got thank you notes written for my baby shower, apart from one whose mailing address I am missing. And I had dh get the old box of birthing supplies from the basement, so I can compare those to the list and figure out what I still need. So the box is standing here now, I might even open it after updating my journal :-) Send birthing supplies vibes my way!

I couldn't put my seedlings outside today, because it was too cold and windy, but had fun counting them, while they all were at the kitchen table and the living room floor. I have about 138 tomato, 27 cabbage, 43 basil, 40 broccoli, 10 hot peppers, a lot of tiny celery, egg plant, bee balm, and parsley, and 15 paprika peppers seedlings. Then I have 9 little pots in which musk melons have been sowed, and 9 with midget water melons, but both of them haven't sprouted yet. I look at all this and wonder what I was thinking???!!! LOL This baby better not be too early! I really would like at least part of all this in the ground, and I hope to be able to give away a lot of them too. What else are friends for? ;-) I gave away 18 of them already to the friend who visited me last week, I hope she will still want to visit me again some day :-)

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