Saturday, May 08, 2004

Rocks, and More Rocks

Still working on my new vegetable bed, mostly because the number of rocks is unbelievable. It is almost finished now, but there is one big rock that I just can't get out, so dh is going to be volunteered to dig that one up as a Mother's Day present :-) Not sure yet what I will plant in this bed, but I know that I was running out of room when I was doing the planning for this year's garden. So I am sure I will find something :-)

I will use the rocks as a border for my veggie beds, or maybe to surround the pond. It's nice not to have to buy rocks to do stuff like that, see, I am trying to see the positive side of finding 3,713 rocks in every vegetable bed I dig! I have found that digging is much easier when I am pregnant, because I have more mass ;-) Usually it's harder to get the spade in packed ground. So trying to get all the digging done before baby is here.

Today was farmer's market day, always tons of fun. Kids enjoy the special treats and I enjoy the good veggies and the atmosphere. I got lettuce and wild leeks, yummy! I also got some goat cheese, and elk meat for when my mother and my mother-in-law will be here after the birth. My mother is not too thrilled about a vegetarian diet, so she will appreciate having some meat around. Although I am not sure how she will react to the idea of elk meat... ;-) She always says 'I eat everything', usually followed by a 'But not THAT!!!' when she sees what I am serving...

I also got a peonie, some pansies (including black ones!) and rhubarb. Planted the peanie already, at the bottom of the driveway, so it will be very visible, both from the street and when you enter our driveway. I do have some rhubarb, but I would like more, and I am too impatient to wait till the current one is healthy enough to divide. So buying an extra one seemed like a good idea Will have to plant the peonies and the rhubarb tomorrow.

Spent a lot of time digging, and I mulched one of my flower beds. I dug up some baby lilacs from our lilac trees, and planted them in the same bed that I put the peonies in. They are still pretty small, so it will take a while before they start flowering. But I figure you can't beat free plants from your own garden. Last year I did the same, and then dh destroyed them when mowing the lawn... Well, at least it wasn't like I had spent tons of money on them. But still...

Early this morning, I went birding! Those trips start at 6:30am in a neighboring town, so I left the house at 6am. Yawn! We didn't even see that many birds! But it was nice to be outside and hiking, so I didn't care. I liked the kingbirds the best, they were very active, flying around, catching insects and then back to a tree limb, so that we could admire them :-) Sure beat all the warblers we could hear, but had no idea where to find them. At home, I saw the catbird again, hadn't seen him yet this year. I had heard him a few days ago, but couldn't find him back then. Today, I saw him a lot and he was loud, loud, loud, I like the way he makes up lots of different songs and calls. Last year, it took me ages to figure out what kind of bird it was, but now that I know, it's really easy to recognize his singing.

Baby is kicking away, I just love feeling him inside me. On the one hand I am looking forward to birthing him and meeting him, on the other hands, I am really enjoying the special feelings of having him inside me, to be a unity together with him. I can start the countdown to 40 weeks today, exactly 10 days left! Makes me wonder when the birthing supplies I ordered will arrive...

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