Monday, May 17, 2004

One More Day!

And not ready at all. Well, actually I am very ready emotionally, but there are too many things that I still would like to do before baby is here. I have decided to concentrate on the gardening stuff and to ignore the inside stuff. Even if I would get a lot decluttered, it would be cluttered again two months from now. But if I get all my plants planted, I will have wonderful, organic veggies and nice flowers two months from now, much more fun :-)

The ob who did my myomectomy found out about my unattended home birth plans and offered to have me birth in their birthing center after all. I just would have to sign an 'Against Medical Advice' form. I appreciate her offer, it shows she cares a lot more than the obs who dropped me a few weeks ago. She had expected me to go to the big teaching hospital, and now that she heard about my homebirth plans, she decided to offer this option to me.

I am not going to take her up on her offer, I feel strongly that an unattended homebirth is the best option for me this time. There is a feeling of rightness to it, a feeling of peace, and appropriateness. This is what I am destined to do for this baby and this birth. I don't want to go into the birthing center and be considered a uterus ready to rupture. I want to be in my own house, with my own friends and family to support me and to birth this baby in an atmosphere of love instead of fear. But I have to admit that it surprised me that she did offer this, and it makes me appreciate her a lot more than I did before.

My new sunflower bed is finally finished, spent a lot of time digging today. Now I just need to sow the sunflowers. I also did some lawn mowing, although it was more like dandelion mowing. That part of the lawn looks nice now, it's a pity it's only a tiny part of our lawn. I think we have too much grass and not enough veggie and flower gardens, so always trying to rectify that. That's why I keep digging new gardens :-) The girls enjoyed the short grass and spent quite some time riding their bikes on it. It's a lot easier if it's short instead of long and dandelioney :-)

I was a bit thirsty before I started to mow the lawn, but I didn't want to drink, figuring that that would make me have to pee every two minutes. This was not a very wise decision. I ended up hot, tired, and extremely thirsty, and the lawn mower was acting up. I always have a hard time starting it, so at some point I just gave up, deciding to ignore the 8,981 leftover dandelions. Maybe I'll get rid of them some other day, maybe not :-) I was vaguely hoping that some dehydration and hard work would push me into labor, but it didn't even do that... Oh well :-) I decided to seduce hubby to try to accomplish the same result, but that didn't work either. But maybe it softened my cervix some, which would be good too.

Saw the chiropractor today, so my spine is in optimal condition for birth, although I expect to see him again next week. My babies are always a bit tardy. I just hope she will arrive before my mother and my mother-in-law are here, since they come over to help me with the baby. And that would be hard if the baby hasn't shown up yet.

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