Thursday, May 27, 2004

8 More Hours...

And not even close to getting ready for them. Geez, this is way more stressful than getting ready for the baby! The baby doesn't care what the house looks like, but the mil-s do! A friend came over to give me the onesies, they are so cute. Just love love love those tiny clothes, only thing I am still missing is the baby LOL. I put them away (she had washed them already) and showed off the organized part of my house (which is limited to the baby clothes and the diapers right now I think LOL)

In the last two hours I have
  • Shaped my bread, it's in the oven now
  • Done two other loads of laundry, one is drying still, the other one is being washed
  • Asked the boys to start picking up the girls room, where the mil-s will sleep, they got the floor totally picked up, so it just needs a vacuum cleaner now. I bribed them with computer time, which they are using right now :-)
  • Got the sheets of my bed and the girls bed, so I can wash them and make them up nicely later today
  • Moved a chest of drawers from the girls room to our bedroom, so the mil-s will have more room
  • Cleaned out the next shelf in the fridge, garbage can is starting to overflow LOL

Off to do more cleaning!!! Keep sending those vibes!

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