Saturday, May 15, 2004

9mo pregnant

Three More Days!

My LLL group threw me a baby shower today! It was wonderful, they all are good friends and they surrounded me with love and positive vibes for my baby and the upcoming birth. I feel so blessed that they did this for me. We had seven moms (including myself), nine little ones running around, and two small babies. One of the other moms is pregnant too, she is about four months along. There was tons of good food, and just the best atmosphere, everything just felt right about it. I realized later that five out of those seven moms have had home births, that's 72 %, how cool!

I got nice purple irises, which I can plant now and they will bloom every year around the baby's birthday. A dozen of Chinese prefold diapers (natural unbleached cotton), a Bummis cover, a Liz's Cloth wool cover, a baby picture album, a picture frame, some baby books, a cute baby bath toy, yummy smelling baby soap, chocolate, some frozen meals, and the promise of more of those. And a bottle of sparkling apple cider to celebrate after the birth. Wow! I am so happy that they did this for me, it makes me feel really special. They also wrote good wishes for me and the new baby in a nice notebook, but I managed to leave that at their house, so will have to wait till Tuesday before I can sit down and read through them. Looking forward to it.

We went to the farmer's market in the morning, it was hot! But always fun. People looked kind of doubtful when I told them I would still be there with a big belly next week :-) But I am not sure whether I'll make it two more weeks, I think next week will be my last farmer's market before baby.

Emotionally I am totally ready for the birth, practically there still is this list of 5,000 things I want to do. I know there is no way I can do them all, but I would at least like to cross off some of those list items. But if it doesn't happen, oh well, we will be fine, the house just won't be as decluttered and clean as I would like it to be. And I have to admit that gardening is just so much more fun than doing inside stuff, that it's unlikely that even part of the inside stuff will get done. Gardening can count as nesting too though, right? ;-)

The baby liked the presents, he was kicking while I was opening them. He liked the chocolate cake too, but that might have had to do with the sugar content :-) It was an excellent cake, took the leftovers home to share with the older kids and dh, they were thrilled.

Hmmmm, I just realize we had seven moms for my almost seven kids again, just like we had with the homeschool group baby celebration. What fun!

Lots of presents!

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