Monday, May 24, 2004

Baby Clothes

Tara folding baby clothes
Baby clothes have been washed and organized! I could use a few more onesies, but apart from that, am pretty much set. Tara helped me, she really enjoyed it. And was gushing over all the cute clothes we folded and put away :-) Even Timmy took some out and gushed over them.

Now I guess I just need to get organized diaper wise. And I would like to start the sunflower house, but it has been raining too much. And there are tons of other things I still want to do, but time is running out... Only three more days till the in laws are here! Baby, you'd better come out!

I did plant some broccoli seedlings today, but didn't get much else done garden wise. It was just too much rain, blech. I'd much rather be outside than doing all this indoors stuff. And it looks like it's going to rain for most of the week.

I think things are starting to happen, I had to go pee at least six times during the night!!! I was so glad the night was over and I could just stay up :-) During the day I was peeing all the time too, and going up and down the stairs makes my uterus irritable. I wouldn't call it contractions yet, but hey, it's more than there was before, so maybe it's a good sign!

Erik is so funny, he is working on rhyming right now. He will say thing like 'Do honey and funny and bunny rhyme??' and I think he is getting it. But then a few minutes later, he will ask 'Do persons and humans rhyme??' So maybe he isn't really getting it yet LOL. I told him that those were synonyms, but that didn't seem to sink in yet either :-)

Last night, at 11:30pm or so, he was laying next to me in bed, trying to fall asleep. Suddenly he asks 'Mama, can money really grow????' I told him that it kind of could grow, if you put it into the bank, then he wanted to know what a bank was. Glad I didn't mention the stock market! I think the fact that we have a money plant in our front yard has made him wonder about this issue :-)

And when he saw the picture that goes with 'My Father's Birthday' blog entry, he was all excited and asked who that was. I told him that it was a picture of him as a baby. He replied 'Oh, I am so cute!!!' LOL No false modesty there :-)

Going to try to dig up the newborn diapers in our black hole basement tonight. Wish me luck!!!! And send some dilating vibes my way too! This baby needs to come out within the next few days!

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