Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Diapers, Diapers!

Wow! I finally did it, worked my way through all the diapers in the house and selected the tiny ones, cute ones, and perfect ones that are going to be used for this baby. Or at least, for the first few weeks / months of this baby, I even found the covers with umbilical cut outs! I am so organized! All that done at only seven days overdue LOL.

OK, I had sex last night, spent a big part of the day digging in the garden, had a chiropractic adjustment done, have the MIL deadline coming up, ate spicy food, walked, walked, and walked, and what do you think? Yup, still no baby, still no labor, just an occasional contraction! I guess that means that I won't be able to cancel my dentist appointment for tomorrow morning, I had been hoping that I would have had the baby by now. Oh well. At least it's just a cleaning / checkup.

Tomorrow, I am going to wash all those diapers, glad I got a new dryer to help me with this. And then I can have the baby tomorrow night, right? Gives me time to sow sunflower seeds for the sunflower house tomorrow during the day. And maybe some zucchini ;-) Please all send labor vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short entry today, have to be off to bed, spent most of the night sorting diapers :-) But wanted to let you all know that nothing is happening yet. Maybe tomorrow!!!

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