Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Still No Baby

But I did get the sunflower house planted! Sunflowers, corn, and morning glory. I had hoped to sow zucchini in my veggie beds, but didn't get that done yet. I figured the sunflower house might be more important to the kids ;-) We also fixed the fence around it, which we put up last year, after the groundhog ate most of our baby sunflowers... I was so ready to give up vegetarianism and prepare groundhog stew!

I was going to clean out the fridge today, since there are too many things growing in it, but life got in the way. We had an end of year party with our homeschool club and that just was more fun than cleaning the fridge. I had a cleaning at the dentist earlier in the morning, so that was another good excuse. I was a few minutes late, and they thought that I must be having that baby LOL.

This afternoon I did the sunflower house and took the kids to karate, so no time for the fridge. I would like it to be cleaned out before the mil's show up tomorrow, YIKES. Although I couldn't care less about the fridge if this baby would decide to be born tonight or tomorrow night. Somehow I think that won't happen though, and that the baby will arrive after the mil's. About 24 more hours to have this baby! I did get all the diapers washed today, so that's one more thing to cross of my list of things that still need to happen. And a friend bought a bunch of onesies for me, so set with those too!

Usually I don't mind going overdue, but the current situation makes it a lot more stressful. I really wanted to have this baby before they were here, but it seems unlikely now. We got Indian food take out tonight, nice and spicy, but that didn't do anything. Somehow I think this baby will decide when he is ready, instead of having me dictate the date of his birth. Oh well, I guess that gives me more time to garden ;-)

Tomorrow will be 'Clean House for Mil's Visit' day. I'd much rather garden! But I guess it would be good to have things a bit more cleaned up, sigh. I just haven't felt like cleaning or decluttering at all this pregnancy, being outside is so much more fun! And it's important to be in good physical condition for the birth, right, gardening and walking will help me with that ;-)

Off to bed, to get some sleep before having this baby. OK, maybe just before having the mother-in-law's :-) Keep sending labor vibes!!!!!! Maybe I can still make it.

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